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Navex Supply chain solutions private limited is a diversified SME expertise in logistics. The company’s collaboration with InXpress accelerated the company's growth in the logistic area and made NAVEX logistics to revolutionize the way forward for the express shipping needs of small and medium -sized enterprises.

At Navex we offer fast and trustworthy shipping services to and from India for our customers. We collaborate sea, air, rail and road haulage to suit your time frame, budget, and offer an express service for urgent consignments. We handle freight forwarding for a range of industries including pharmaceutical, automotive, film, media and telecommunications. We offer shopping service for ex-pats living in India.

We offer services that lets u get your freight forwarded to its destination quickly and at a competitive cost.

Navex expertises in importing and exporting goods across India. Our services lets us combine small consignments with larger loads giving you lower costs and quicker delivery. Offering a 24/7, 365 day a year service.


Customer – Export House

“We rely on your service because of your on-time performance and the dedication of your entire staff to customer satisfaction. Our success is partly due to your cooperation and coordinated efforts of freight forwarding.”

We are an established global networking & service support.We have an experience of meeting the qualitative and quantitative needs of our customers.Our USP is Trust, Transparency and Tranquility.

We provide a best in class customer service to unique business like yours.
We care about your needs and expectations. We design tailor made courier and delivery solutions. Just ask us and we will find a solution to meet your business needs. Whether you ship daily or monthly, one express document or a truckload at a time, we will create the best solution for your business.

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Trust, Transparency, Tranquility
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